The Obvious Thing

Ideas come and go. Some take hold immediately and make you drop whatever you’re doing (because Excitement).

Others are a chronic nuisance, lingering in the back of your brain like an itch between the shoulder blades. The details are fuzzy, but it’s a pain in the ass to clarify. All you know is there’s a Thing and you should be doing something about it.

But is it any good? Is this Thing worth my time?

More often than not, the ideas swirling into your brain are there and gone within the hour (or minute, even). But how do you know if these ideas are any good?

A good tip off is if you find yourself asking, “Surely I’m not the first one to think of this. Does this Thing exist?”

This question brings you to a standstill. The idea seems so obvious that you swell with self doubt. If you're not careful, you may let your Obvious Thing slide into the ether.

Importantly, and oddly, the Obvious Thing is often the gem that is most worth your time. Wrestle with it; research it; find out why no else has yet brought it into the world.

If your Obvious Thing doesn’t exist, but should, then you know you’re onto something.

After all, if it's so obvious a Thing, then others might also wonder where it's been all their life.