Loney Dear Shares “Hulls”, the First Single from Forthcoming Album

Loney Dear's Emil Svanängen has shared a video for the first single from his new full length.

Pressed to name an artist that we've been longing to hear more from, the answer lying just past the surface of conscious thought has got to be Loney Dear. Don't get us wrong, he is (of course) at on every "favourites" playlist we make – his most recent album, 2011's Hall Music, is near and dear – but the air of mystery around his output is what keeps you on your toes. You just can't prepare yourself (let alone expect) for him to appear on the radar with new music out of the blue. But here we are.

Now, the word "idiosyncratic" gets thrown around a lot these days. But between his orchestration, vocal style, and striking production there really isn't a better way to describe what Svanängen creates. And I suppose that's the point. There are no words.

Svanängen strives for an ornate style of instrumentation that can all too often be left as an afterthought, finding a satisfying balance between minimalism and a sense of fullness. Somewhat of a calling card for the Swede, "Hulls" makes a slow build to its enveloping climax, this time around erring on the side of minimalist electro.

It's great to hear new Loney Dear.

"Hulls"1 is available now on iTunes, released via Woah Dad! and Haldern Pop Recordings – check out the gorgeous video below. The forthcoming album by Loney Dear (“probably titled Comma”) is expected later this year.


Director: Mats Udd
Producer: Linus Nordström
Director of Photography: Fredrik Olsson
Creative Director: Agnes Fries
Grip: Jacob Sundquist
Camera Department: Karin Jacobsson
Track co-produced by David Lindvall and Agnes Fries.

  1. Premiered via Under the Radar on March 18th, 2016.