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Apothek - "Waiting For The Thunder (Live)"

Norway's Apothek have released a gorgeous live video for their latest offering 'Waiting For The Thunder'. The collaborative project consisting of producer Nils Martin Larsen and songwriter Morten Myklebust has landed on a winning combination in initial singles 'Family' and "Waiting For The Thunder", combining enigmatic production and instrumentation with a timeless pop songwriting sensibility. A dichotomy best described in this excerpt from the band's Facebook page:

Apothek’s music is often described as cinematic; a word that doesn't mean much in isolation, but one which given context can be annoyingly accurate. Other than describing the concrete musical elements it also says something about the span or depth of the music.

It embodies nostalgia and being part of a tradition. So, even if the sound of 'Family' is one that could only exist today, it’s nevertheless easy to look behind the chopped rhythms and discover the classic and surprising songwriting that would feel familiar regardless of the instrumentation.

It’s timeless, and exactly the type of song that doesn't need the context of the current day to be enjoyed. As a band, Apothek is absolutely a child of its time, but one with parents, great grandparents, siblings and cousins. Or 'Family', to be more precise.

The duo hit the road this March with shows across the UK and Europe, including two stops in London. Check out the full dates below.

Video by Synne Øverland Knudsen/[APPARATET](https://vimeo.com/apparatet)

Apothek Live

March 3rd - London, Scala*
March 4th - Oslo, by:larm (TIDAL tent)
March 5th - Oslo, by:larm (Sentrum Scene)
March 11th - Gent, Kerk*
March 12th - Cologne, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld*
March 14th - Amsterdam, Paradiso*
March 16th - Hamburg, Terrace Hill*
March 17th - Berlin, Postbahnhof*
March 19th - Copenhagen, Pumpehuset*
March 20th - Stockholm, Kägelbanan*
March 26th - London, Ja Ja Ja

*Supporting Susanne Sundfør