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Big Noble - Ocean Picture

Interpol’s Daniel Kessler and sound designer Joseph Fraioli have unveiled another track from their forthcoming debut album under the Big Noble moniker. The digital-only release, First Light, lands next week, and with it an interesting prospect–a combination of improvisational guitar, field recorders and nuanced manipulations.

The project delves into the under-the-surface emotional lives behind the urban chaos of New York, and "Ocean Picture" lives in a disntinctly noire domain in the context of director Daniel Ryan's macabre visual narrative.

A sweeping focus unfurls the dramatic scene with an eery stillness. The unique effect is care of the Lytro Illum light field camera, a still widely unknown technology (this commercial model only became available in late-2014). And it's a first in the world of music videos, according to Ryan:

As far as we know "Ocean Picture" is the first music video to utilize [light field] technology.

The process was strenuous, but we felt it was the most compelling way to make a moment frozen in time come to life.

The specific moment we captured is a direct homage to a woodcut print called "L'Assassinat" by Felix Vallotton.

Speaking to Noisey, Kessler had this to say about the stunning result:

When I imagined what would have been the visual for this song back in the day, I wouldn't have imagined this.

I was imagining something outdoors or in nature and this is his own interpretation of what he heard and what he wanted to execute.

What he turned in was far beyond my expectations—it's such an elegant piece, I was really floored by it.

First Light is out February 2nd on the Affiliates Sound imprint (via Kobalt Label Services) and available to pre-order now.


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