/ Ginla

Ginla – ‘Dreaming in Circles’

There’s something comforting in the swirling, unpredictable depths of Ginla‘s new EP ‘Dreaming in Circles’. It floats along, adrift in a digital bath of experimental warbles, shapeshifting synths and hushed, affected vocal. Listen through the five song, 18 minute escape end-to-end and you’ll immediately find yourself dipping back into each track individually for further inspection.

Each song holds its own, while stitching together the mosaic of the whole, unhurried affair. A refreshing blast of energy mid-way through highlight “Thing You Have” rouses you from the scenic hypnosis of opener “Summer”. Slow burner “We’re All Floating” wraps the narrative in cavernous reverb and wet, neo-psych guitar lines. While “What About the Sun?” takes steep dives into the depths of effect-noodling and mysterious sampling, blurring the barrier between vocal and synth. Beautiful listen.

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[premiered on Wondering Sound]