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Sportsman – "Rally (ft. Linnea Jönsson)"

The story goes that Sportsman was conceived in a moment of epiphany for a soul-searching Swede, and his chance encounter with a cigarette pack hidden in the beaches of Kenya.

“I saw a leopard in a tree. I played football with the local kids,” Per Magnusson, the man at the centre of this earnest and evocative R’n’B. “I hung around the streets of Mombasa. After seeing so many amazing things and the exhaustion it brings, I spent two weeks on a beach, overlooking the Indian Ocean. That’s when it dawned on me. I wanted to make music that sounded like the scenery in front of me. Dark as the looming clouds in the sky, but with the same glowing edges. The name was found on a pack of cigarettes in the sand. »Sportsman«.”

Bringing to the fold production duo Montauk (also on duty with Sportsman’s Best Fit label-mate FAYE) as well as Jönsson (who just so happens to be his girlfriend), Magnusson has created a subtle, atmospheric romanticism around this seemingly simple idea.

At this point I think it’s safe to say that another name needs adding to the list of Stockholm’s ostensibly endless export of flawless pop.

‘Rally’ will be released digitally on February 4th. Later in February, Best Fit Recordings has lined up a stellar night as part of the Roundhouse Rising Festival, with Sportsman, NONONO, and FAYE on the bill. This is not to be missed.