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Wolf Alice – "Leaving You"

A gently melancholic pedal-tone driven riff builds to full on pop-rock swell, while triple-tracked vocal harmonies care of Wolf Alice‘s Ellie Rowsell surround you with an engrossing account of breaking free: “…But I’m leaving you / it’s been a long time coming”.

Hopefully but a taster of things to come, "Leaving You" is a novel direction for a band of self-professed folk devotees, who’s previous material found them steeped in North London folkdom. Now the trio arrive in a position filling a niche left vacant by their contemporaries (although, as with any good niche, it’s hard to put your finger on the details). Within this transition from folk to more rocky terrain lies an intriguing aspect – a sense that this is not just another exercise in “see what sticks”, but a conscientious and thorough refinement in sound. What’s really intriguing though is to see where Wolf Alice will go next.

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