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Watch | Astronauts, etc – "Mystery Colors"

If the accumulated info from a handful of blog posts across various music sites is at all in the region of accurate, the happenstance behind Astronauts, etc is thus1 : a student of classical piano at Berkley, Anthony Ferraro has recently taken to electronic musical tendencies and is set to release a 5-song debut EP next month entitled Supermelodic Pulp2 . With "Mystery Colors" the first single from said debut, all signs point to fantastic.

Cavernous backdrops of synth arpeggios and melancholic guitar set off Ferraro’s longing falsetto, centre stage in a showing of swirling space odyssey brought to life perfectly through the video below by XLVI. Keep an eye on this one.

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  • [Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astronauts,_etc.)
    1. That was a really wordy way to say–you should pay attention to this, but I haven't seen anything "official" out there about Astronauts, etc just yet.

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          <p>Check out what <a target="blank_" href="http://pigeonsandplanes.com/2012/09/ep-astronauts-etc-supermelodic-pulp/">on Pigeons & Planes</a> and <a target="blank_" href="http://www.indieshuffle.com/astronauts-etc-supermelodic-pulp/">Indie Shuffle</a> had to say<a href="#fnref:1" title="return to article"> ↩</a><p>