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More Rockumentaries Please…

Nothing compares to the divine combination of a great band with engaging visuals provided by our more cinematically gifted friends. Can we see more please? Allowing the spectator insight and the added layer of thought to the presentation of a bands overall vision engages, connects and entertains. Case and point – ‘On Tour with Calla’, which screened at the Social earlier this week. The night featured both the premier screening of the new film by Sébastien Dehesdin as well as a performance by its stars, Her Name is Calla.

The film follows the bands tour through Europe in April of 2011, providing perspective to the British band on tour as they gig, interview and play their way through a dismal gray backdrop of former Soviet states. It also allows snippets of the band’s background and struggle to survive in the busy British indie scene where Her Name is Calla, although gratified with their loyal fanbase, struggle to make ends meet with low fees and increased touring costs.

Segments bringing the band’s live performances to the fore also provide some of the more visually engaging work in the film, as the camera drifts in and out of focus across tight basement venues to the dreamy post-rock soundscapes. The vision of the filmmaker to match the band’s feel is a hit, and leaves the audience thirsty to see the band in the flesh. Her Name is Calla do not disappoint – with wide crescendos from delicate finger picking to dissonant, grinding blasts from the ensemble, the audience is curious and thoughtful.

Although this was the first time for many seeing the band, the backdrop provided by the screening gives an instant connection to the musicians and their motives. You feel that you understand, and are driven to delve deeper into the sounds and emotions on show…

To hear more of Her Name is Call visit http://hernameiscalla.bandcamp.com/